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How and When to Vote


General Election: November 8, 2022
Early Voting: September 23, 2022

James is running for Plymouth City Council Ward 4. That means if you live in Ward 4, you will be able to vote James for City Council.


He will do his best to represent every citizen to the best of his abilities.

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Testimonial from Ladonna Hoy

"At a time of such political angst, we are fortunate that local candidates who possess the vision and  heart and will to serve are stepping up to do what local government at its best does - listen, respond, serve, and offer the expertise, experience and skills needed to build strong, prosperous, and just communities.


James Williams, who is running for the Plymouth City Council representing residents of Plymouth’s Ward 4, is definitely one of these. A 30-year Plymouth resident, he brings a seasoned and impressive professional and volunteer leader vitae to this critical role including multiple awards and recognition of his contributions in the areas of business, law, education, youth development, health, and community planning. No small addition, his servant leader approach and demonstrated passion for and engagement with the Plymouth community is contagious and promises to serve us well.   

I’ve had the privilege of getting to know James and am very heartened by his willingness to serve.  I encourage you to learn more about him and his vision for our community on his website, and join me in voting for him on November 8."


LaDonna Hoy

Plymouth Resident

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