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James and public safety

My Mission

My only interest and role is to be the BEST SERVANT that I can be for the Plymouth Community. I will always listen, learn and implement the best solutions that address the immediate and future needs as expressed by our residents. As your Servant, I pledge to always be available, attentive and responsive to your requests.

James near performance center
James with Plymouth community
James in front of a fountain

Enhancing and Sustaining Public Safety for ALL Communities at ALL times

Public safety is crucial in a community. The citizens of Plymouth should always feel safe wherever they are and at all times. There should be no threats to our citizens and if there is one, there should be immediate assistance ready to render aid.


Providing Affordable Housing

Everyone deserves the opportunity to have decent quality housing. Housing should be affordable for everyone so that the citizens of Plymouth can live comfortably at a fair price no matter their income.


Providing Public Health, including Physical & Mental Health Provisions, with Special Emphasis on Students & Children

The health of the public is vital. Both physical and mental health should be treated with the highest priority and there should be options available to assist ANYONE who needs service. This is particularly the case as it applies to students and young children.


Attract Appropriate Business & Commerce with emphasis on Redeveloping the "4 Seasons Mall"

Business and commerce are vital for any city. That is why it is incumbent upon us to attract the most appropriate commercial and recreational businesses to our community, especially as it applies to the 4 Seasons Mall.


Maintenance and Future Planning for Ongoing Infrastructure Investments, including Clean Water, Sewage, Bridges, Roads and Information Technology (IT), Network Design & Deployment

The infrastructure of Plymouth is vast and complex. It should be maintained and taken care of with aforethought for immediate and future cares and concerns. Strategic planning and implementation will assist in maintaining the highest standards of quality of life for our citizens.


James With Indian Group

"I am running because I know that the breadth and the depth of my life's experiences have provided me with the skills and abilities to bring our community together to solve the many challenging problems we face"
- James

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