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Let's Fully Develop Our Plymouth Potential Together

Character, Integrity, and Empathy

1 Plymouth; Better Together


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Meet James

James in Front of Flags

My Name is James Williams and I am a 30 year Plymouth Resident who has continually been involved with the community of Plymouth.

My only interest and role is to be the BEST SERVANT that I can be for the Plymouth Community. I will always listen, learn and implement the best solutions that address the immediate and future needs as expressed by our residents. As your Servant, I pledge to always be available, attentive and responsive to your requests.

James in front of Glass

On the Issues

Here are the goals that I plan on meeting.

The Plymouth City Council outlines a list of goals every year. If elected, I will effectively relay the citizens' needs in order to assist the city of Plymouth in reaching its full maximum potential. I already have some ideas in mind.

James in front of City Hall
James in front of Performance Center

Elect James Williams for Plymouth City Council 4th Ward


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